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Undergoing any surgery is a daunting experience in itself, so to think of the expenses that it will incur is somewhat a nightmare, right? It is important, therefore, to ensure that you are completely ready to undergo a surgical procedure so that it would be smooth sailing for you afterwards. Here, let us discover the breast reduction cost and what factors affect its fees.


Breast reduction cost: How is the procedure performed?

Before we find out the total breast reduction cost, we should first understand the whole procedure and what it does to our breasts. A breast reduction surgery or reduction mammoplasty is the plastic surgery procedure that removes excess breast skin, fat, and glandular tissue to make your breasts proportioned to your body. Patients with overly-sized breasts who already complain of back, shoulder, and neck pain along with skin irritations along the breast creases can benefit from this procedure.



Breast reduction cost: How much is it?

In Australia, you can expect that the breast reduction cost can range from $7000 to $12000. This may include the surgeon’s fee, anaesthesia fee, and hospital fees. If your breast reduction surgery is due to medical reasons, Medicare may cover part of your expenses. Your health insurance may also help with your finances. However, you need to expect additional charges when it comes to consultations and postoperative needs, like medications and follow-up tests and check-ups.


Breast reduction cost: What are its components?

Surgeon’s fee. You can expect that your breast reduction cost mainly depends on the choice of the surgeon who will perform the operation. His expertise and experience allow him to charge his patients accordingly, ranging from $8000 to $10000. A seasoned surgeon already performed numerous breast reduction procedures so he can ensure your safety and the surgery’s success because of this. A newly-trained surgeon, on the other hand, may have surgical experience during his years of rigorous training so he can still assure your safety and comfort all throughout the surgery but would charge you less for it.

Anaesthesia fee.  The length of the surgical procedure may indicate the amount of anaesthesia to be used during the operation, and that would need the services of an anaesthetist or anaesthesiologist. These professionals are either nurse anaesthetist (CRNA) or a specialist doctor who monitor your vital signs and calibrate the amount of anaesthesia that enters the body during the procedure. Their fees may range from $1000 to $3000.

Hospital fees. This may cost you $450 to $1000. This charge includes the theatre fee, recovery room fee, materials used, and the postsurgical garments and bandages.

These are just rough estimates of how your breast reduction surgery would cost. It is still best to consult your chosen plastic surgeon so you can discuss with him your concerns regarding the procedure and its cost.

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