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Men nowadays are becoming obsessed with bodybuilding and showing off their hard-earned muscles. However, while some get attention for their sexy six-pack abs, toned biceps, or chiseled back muscles, some men would be a bit embarrassed by how big their breasts looked. These men should consider having male breast reduction surgery as the best remedy for gynecomastia.


What is gynecomastia?


Gynecomastia is a medical condition that causes male breasts to overdevelop and increase in size. Hormonal imbalance in men causes this breast condition. According to previous studies, approximately 30% of men develop gynecomastia during their lifetime. Men who have gynecomastia develop more female hormones than male hormones, causing their breasts to be larger than average. It is also sometimes caused by the intake of certain medications such as steroids, hyperacidity medicines, anti-anxiety medicines, opioids, or antibiotics.

What is male breast reduction surgery?


Though exercise and losing weight can help in reducing the appearance of ‘man boobs,’ male breast reduction surgery is still the best option for men to address gynecomastia. This surgery removes excess breast tissue and fat that causes the male breasts to look bigger than usual.


How is male breast reduction performed?


The plastic surgeon should first discuss with you his treatment plan and what to expect after the operation. Once preliminary tests and exams show that you are generally fit and healthy, you will be deemed eligible for the surgery.

Under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation, your plastic surgeon makes an incision around your nipple to get access from the excess breast tissue and fat to be removed. For patients with overly sized breast, excess skin may also be removed during the operation. The overall surgery may take about 1 to 2 hours, and most patients are allowed to go home the same day.


What can you expect after a male breast reduction surgery?


After the operation, you may feel pain and tenderness around the operative area. These symptoms may be relieved by prescribed pain medications and strict work restrictions. Strenuous activities should be avoided for the first few weeks until the wounds are healed. Gradual return to active lifestyle should be approved and monitored by your plastic surgeon to prevent any unwanted complications. You will also be asked to report to your surgeon for a follow-up consultation to monitor your wound healing status and a possible return to work schedule.


How should I prepare if I am thinking of having male breast reduction surgery?


The best way to prepare if you want to undergo male breast reduction surgery is to do your fair share of research about the procedure. Find a trusted and highly experienced plastic surgeon to do the surgery. His expertise in performing the surgery would keep you relaxed and confident that no unwanted complications will occur. It ensures a feeling of safety and assurance that the operation will run smoothly from start to finish. You can consult two or more plastic surgeons and ask for their work portfolio. Their before and after image gallery would give you an idea about the level of their work and may even shape your expectations about how your breasts would look like after the surgery.



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